Drammatic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Fish Offal Supplier

Dramm Corporation, based in Manitowoc, WI, has been producing liquid fish fertilizer, marketed as “Drammatic Liquid Fish Fertilizer,” for over 20 years. Our fertilizer is compliant with the USDA National Organic Program requirements and is OMRI and CDFA listed for use by organic farmers. The primary ingredient, fish offal, is collected from various sources on The Great Lakes, and typically includes salmon, trout, whitefish, walleye, perch, and rough fish offal. At our processing facility in Algoma, WI, the raw material is processed into a liquid, then aged, and filtered to create a final product.

If your business processes wild-caught fish, and you need an environmentally friendly way to dispose of it, we may be able to help. Review the “Things to Know” points, confirm you have a refrigerated storage space, then complete the supplier contact form below.

Drammatic Fertilizer Fish Offal Tote Pick Up
Drammatic Fertilizer Fish Offal Tote Pick Up

Things to Know

Do you have refrigerated (28° F to 32° F) storage space for fish offal to accumulate?


Unfortunately we can not use un-refrigerated fish offal. If your situation changes, please let us know.