Drammatic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Drammatic "K"


Studies have shown plants treated with kelp based biostimulants, have increased stress tolerance, high yields and have an enhanced root system*

Drammatic “K” is a blend of our original Drammatic Fish Fertilizer and liquid kelp.  Drammatic “K” is an excellent source of amino acids,  available phosphorus and calcium.  It is a great food source for beneficial microbes.


An excellent all purpose fertilizer, Drammatic “K” can be used throughout the growing season.  However, many professional growers use it later in the season as “bloom” blend after applying one of our higher nitrogen blends such as Drammatic “One” or Drammatic “5N” earlier in the season during the “grow” stage.

Recommended Application Rates

For Foliar and Soil Applications:

  • Apply 2-3 Gal/Acre per Application
  • Dilute 20:1
  • Divide Equally Among Rows
  • Make 3-5 Applications During the Growing Season


Because of the role Drammatic Fertilizers play in feeding beneficial microbes, applying less fertilizer more often is always better than more fertilizer less often.