Drammatic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Drammatic "5N"


Our highest nitrogen blend, Drammatic “5N”,  provides high levels of both readily available and slow release nitrogen.

Drammatic “5N” is an excellent all purpose fertilizer. The professional’s choice for high nitrogen requiring plants such as corn, hemp, spinach and hay crops.

Made from fresh, wild fish scrap, Drammatic “5N” provides a healthy dose of calcium in addition to readily available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Because of the role Drammatic Fertilizers play in feeding beneficial microbes, applying less fertilizer more often is always better than more fertilizer less often.

We do not recommend using Drammatic “5N” directly on the seed. Banding is recommended when applying “5N” at planting.

Recommended Corn Application

For Foliar Applications

  • Apply 3-5 gals/acre per application at a dilution of 20:1
  • Make applications at the following key stages:
    • V 4-6
    • V 10-14
    • Pre-Silk stage through Silk stage
    • Milk to Early Dough Stage (R 3)

For Soil Applications

  • Apply 5-10 gal/acre at a dilution of 10:1