Drammatic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

From the Farm

Drammatic Organic Fertilizers have become a key tool in the professional grower’s toolbox across the country for more than 20 years. A common question we receive is how best to apply our liquid fertilizer. The good news is there are literally dozens of ways that professional and amateur growers use our fertilizers to fit their scale and available tools or equipment. This series will show the various methods of application of the fertilizer in several different agricultural settings.

Drammatic Organic Farm Tractor

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm

The largest single-site Lavender Farm in the Midwest, Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm, uses Drammatic Fertilizers to grow their lavender in an all natural, chemical free environment.

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West Star Organics

Randy and Tanya Kohn of West Star Organics have been growing organic vegetable and flower transplants with Drammatic Fertilizers for over 20 years.

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Dr. Fish Fertilizer

Jerry Adams, owner of DR Fish Fertilizer in Hotchkiss, CO. Jerry has been a distributor of Drammatic Organic Fertilizers for almost 20 years, and an organic producer of high quality hay for the local market for nearly as long.

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