Drammatic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Dr. Fish Fertilizer

What rates do you use and how often do you apply?

For spring "wake up", 3-4 gallons per acre is applied with microorganisms as well as mycorrhizae and fine gypsum. 

Follow up applications are done at a rate of 2-3 gallons to the acre, with more fertilizer applied in times of stress situations such as insects, hot weather or drought.

Using flood style irrigation, Adams applies his Drammatic Fertilizer directly into his irrigation water. Properly diluted, Drammatic Fertilizer is applied to root zones through a series of aboveground PVC pipes and small trench furrows in the growing fields.

Tips and Tricks from the Pro

  • Drammatic Fertilizer is easy to work with.  It stores and handles well.
  • Agitation prior to use is helpful. It goes through sprayers well.
  • If using in drip lines:  Apply fertilizer first, then flush thoroughly with water.
  • Always flush implements used with water afterwards.

Jerry Adams of Hotchkiss, CO, owner of DR Fish Fertilizer, has been a Drammatic Fertilizer distributor for nearly 20 years and an organic producer of hay for nearly as long.

Priding himself on his soil biology, Adams uses thorough interpretation of soil reports to guide his use of amendments and carefully plans his water use, cutting times and stand health of his fields.