Drammatic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Drammatic "ONE"


High in available nitrogen to stimulate early season growth, Drammatic “ONE” is an excellent source of available phosphorus and calcium and boasts a wide array of micronutrients.

Studies have shown plants treated with kelp based biostimulants, have increased stress tolerance, higher yields and have an enhanced root system.*

Fulvic Acid, an essential part of soil’s organic structure, has been found to promote greater root development, growing stronger, more disease resistant to plants when applied in liquid form.**

Drammatic “ONE” makes an excellent all purpose fertilizer for use throughout the growing season. It is the top choice for growers looking to use just one Drammatic blend to meet all their fertilizer needs.

Drammatic “ONE” contains high levels of available calcium. When used in orchards, Drammatic fertilizers have been shown to decrease incidence of Bitter Pit in Honeycrisp apples by 40-60%.^

Because of the role Drammatic Fertilizers play in feeding beneficial microbes, applying less fertilizer more often is always better than more fertilizer less often.

Recommendations for Orchard Applications

Apply 2-5 Gallons/Acre

  • Dilute 20:1
  • Divide equally among trees

Foliar feeding is recommended at the following stages:

  • Pre-bud burst/early sap flow
  • Green cluster budding
  • Petal fall
  • Fruit set

*National Library of Medicine – Biostimulant Properties of Seaweed Extract in Plants: Implications toward Sustainable Crop Production (2021)

**National Library of Medicine – The Effect of Fulvic Acids Derived from Different Materials on Changing Properties of Albic Black Soil in the Northeast Plain of China (2019)

^Bitter Pit Apple Fertility Trial – 2009/2010 University of WI-Madison CALS Peninsular Research Station, Sturgeon Bay, WI, Matt Stasaik