Drammatic Liquid Fish Fertilizer

Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm

Using Drammatic Fertilizer

Edgar and his team apply Drammatic Fertilizers (primarily Drammatic “K“) through a modified boom sprayer for foliar feeding.

He uses approximately 6 gallons of Drammatic Fertilizer to the acre, diluted to a rate of 30:1.

This is sprayed directly onto the plants at a speed that allows full coverage and thorough drenching of the lavender plants.

Drammatic Fertilizers are applied 4-5 times per year, approximately late April through the end of June. Roughly every 2 weeks.

After harvest in July, an additional round of fertilizer is applied to relieve stress and prepare the plants for dormancy.

Tips and Tricks from Pros

Agitation prior to use is very important. As is a thorough cleaning of tanks and spray lines after use.

In 2013, Martine and Edgar Anderson, owners of Fragrant Isle Lavender Farm on Washington Island, WI began planting lavender on their farm. Today, it is the largest single-site lavender farm in the Midwest.